Tips on DIY Book-Binding

Things to Know When Making Your Own Books:

When you are just starting out, keep it simple, it’s easy to want to dive right into the deep end and try to make something look very professional and amazing. First thing’s first, just try to have fun. Start with something like a basic stab binding.

ALWAYS: gather all your supplies before you start, make sure you have everything you want/need.

ALWAYS: determine which way the paper grain runs, and have it run parallel to the spine of the book.

ALWAYS: measure out the dimension of the pages and cover diligently. This makes the process so much simpler in the long run, though it takes time. And when making a stab binding book be sure to measure out carefully where you are making the stab holes for your binding.

(For a very excellent beginner’s tutorial in basic stab book-binding go to this link:–craft-10250 )


Links to more on Book-Binding:


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